Gastritis Diet dot com explains what Gastritis is and common signs

A special gastritis diet is very important since symptoms of Gastritis can cover a wide range and knowing the cause is your first step.  Understanding gastritis is an important part of gastritis treatment.  Gastritis is not a disease but rather a situation that can be triggered by many reasons.

What exactly is gastritis?

Gastritis is a result of pain or swelling experienced in the abdomen coating. It can be serious and very painful if left untreated.  In a lot of situations it’s caused by your diet which is why a gastritis diet is important but sometimes it’s caused by other illnesses or circumstances.

Signs of gastritis can vary.  Gastritis symptoms sometimes present as slight swelling in the abdomen.  The degree of your gastritis symptoms can only be assessed after an endoscopic evaluation of the abdomen.  An endoscope is like a visual fiber with a small camera at its end, which is presented into your abdomen to view what’s going on.  If the doctor finds you have chronic gastritis, it’s usually at this time they advise you to develop a proper gastritis diet.

Alarmingly, gastritis is reported to be the culprit for 10% of cases where individuals were submitted to the emergency room with stomach pain.  One of the first gastritis symptoms you will notice is pain in the upper stomach region.

The struggling that one experiences due to gastritis is very typical. It may be sensed in the pit of the abdomen.  The struggling has been described as pain, nibbling, painful or even losing feeling. It may feel as if it is reducing, stabbing or nibbling at you.  A proper gastritis diet usually will help with this pain.

The other signs of gastritis include burping, nausea, vomiting with queasiness and stomach ache. The vomit can be clear, yellow or green.

If your gastritis is particularly bad, there may be swelling in the abdomen too. This is noticeable by signs like rapid perspiration and or rapid pulse rate. Other signs could be feeling of faintness, short breath, and serious struggling in chest area or abdomen. You may also experience foul-smelling feces.

You may also experience black feces, significant hunger loss, abdomen pain, serious high temperature, sleepiness, foul taste in your mouth, heartburn, diarrhea and burping.

Unfortunately, these symptoms of gastritis may or may not be experienced until it’s too late. Sometimes the individual will realize this situation only when it has achieved a serious state, where swelling has started. This is a noticeable aspect for sufferers over 60 years old.  As such, it’s very important for them to follow a proper “gastritis diet“.

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